Health Coaching

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So often when we want to achieve a certain desired physical result, we focus on only the physical means of getting there.  ProActive Health aims to take a holistic approach to wellness, integrating the importance of exercise and movement along with nutrition, stress management, and balance in life and health.  The nutrition component of the program focuses on restoring the body to run efficiently on its natural processes using a foundation of whole and nutritious foods.

  • 21-day transformation - You will be guided throught the first 21 days of your health journey, learning what to eat and what not to eat to achieve your goals of a healthier you! (This will be one visit)

  • Restoration - 3-6 months of personal coaching to help you make the changes necessary to lead a healthier life. (This will include 4 sessions)
  • Overhaul 6-months-plus of personal coaching designed to help you overhaul your lifestyle -- learn how to plan meals, grocery shop, workout, and more! (This will be 6 - 8 visits)

​** With all packages offered, you can sign up individually or go with the buddy system and save money while holding each other accountable!**

With these health coach packages, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Guidance as you attain lifelong functional fitness, efficient fat burning and moderated insulin production
  2. Discover how to break through weight loss plateaus and exercise for optimal health
  3. Gain a complete understanding of the best-to-worst spectrum of food choices
  4. Learn how to implement lifestyle behaviors that support your health and wellness goals

*The Restoration and Overhaul Packages will include:

- The initial 60-90 minute health/nutrition/lifestyle assessment

- 1-on-1 Coaching
  • You receive two one-on-one coaching personal meetings each month where we will uncover any potential root causes of your health dilemmas and provide guidance on how to progress forward every day

- Integrative and Functional Roadmap
  • You will be given a straightforward direction for healing and recovery, no more guessing means predictable positive outcomes

​- Bio-individualized Gut Healing Dietary Program
  • You will be given a comprehensive, detailed eating program for eliminating the inflammation in your body and healing your gut and microbiome

- Full Access to Your Health Coach
  • Not only will you have your personal coaching meetings, but also have full SMS and email access as well – all of your questions will be answered

- Copies of All Files
  • Get full PDF copies of dietary plans, lists of good/bad foods, lifestyle enhancements, supplementary recommendations and healthy recipes – a complete program

- No More Relapsing
  • Often there is a stumbling block preventing you from attaining your wellness goals.  With my holistic approach, any weak or missing links are detected and corrected
- You Will Be Whole and in Control...
  • My ultimate goal is for you to be able to take full control of all aspects of your own health and with my coaching as your guidance, YOU WILL achieve your health and wellness goals!​